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Rei’s Smoky Shrimp “Quiche”

Sometimes you start out wanting to make one thing, and end up with something completely different… like a “quiche,” that’s more like a portable open-faced sandwich than anything else.



Ready In:

25 minutes


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About this Recipe

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By: Doc Kane

This week in class, I had my students work up custom menus for a well-to-do imaginary hotel guest who would be dining at their restaurant… one of the groups came up with a manageable menu that included a personal quiche. Yum. So, I have to credit them with making me hungry enough to want to dream this up when I returned home with dinner on my mind.

Making the crust for it was simple enough because I’d already made bread the night before with a recipe where I substituted 100 grams of all-purpose flour with the same amount of cake flour. And, of course… yeast. Wha?! Yup! And, it turned out to be amazingly good.

After winging the ingredients the night before and watching the bread come together, I was wondering what I’d end up with since everything I was seeing online was suggesting I’d end up with some sort of cake-y concoction and not bread, but looked and felt fine as I kneaded it, so… I wasn’t sure what it would taste like in the end. So, I portioned it into four different styles, a small pie tart pan, a pop-over pan, on the stovetop as fry bread, and on the stove top like I normally bake bread (the only I can bake a full loaf since I don’t have an oven)— each version was fantastic. Chewy, actually. More chewy than any bread I’ve ever made, and we love chewy around here. Especially, Rei.

So, this non-buttery pie crust quiche is named after her. She kept calling it a quiche as each serving quickly disappeared over the next two days. This “quiche” doesn’t even have butter in it! Which means, without cheese swirling through the whole thing, without butter, and without a pie crust, it’s well… more of an open-faced sandwich. But a damn good one, I think.

If you’re working solo in the kitchen, this recipe is a since to prepare, and because it cuts up nicely into four or six pieces, it’ll serve you well over the course of about 4 meals. It’s also, lower-fat (of course) than a typical quiche would be but… um… not low-carb. This isn’t a paleo site after all… 😉 Enjoy. We certainly did!

Rei's Smoky Shrimp Quiche


Cooking Fats:

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

(all to taste—why?)

  • shichimi (rough ratio: 2)
  • smoked paprika (rough ratio: 1)
  • celery salt (trough ratio: .5)
  • pepper (rough ratio: .25)

Main Ingredients:

  • 6 shrimp or prawns
  • green onion tops (whatever you’ve got left over from a previous recipe)
  • fresh spinach (two large bunches)
  • 5 eggs
  • soy milk (eyeball measure: maybe a cup or so)
  • previously prepared “pie crust”
  • your choice of cheese (enough to cover in a thin layer)

Keeping your solo kitchen operational, Tip #1 —

To blaze through this quiche sandwich recipe, it helps to have the bread dough ready to scoop out of a bucket and blind bake. And, nope, you don’t need pie weights for this thing. Or, ever really… unless you’re baking for a competition, or a fancy-pants relative.

Since, these days, I’m in the habit of making bread just about every day I’ve typically got something fresh on hand. Pitas, tortillas, and flatbreads work exceptionally well with this quiche sand as well, whether homemade, or store bought, but I think my cake flour, yeast bread did an exceptional job of staying dry here, so that’s likely how I’ll keep making it. Do whatever works for you, though… if you know anything about me, you know I’m aiming to keep cooking for one (or two!) SIMPLE.

Keeping your solo kitchen operational, Tip #2 —

  • Use the same skillet for the shrimp and the green onion tops, and don’t clean it between your prep. 
  • Use a single pair of cooking chopsticks (as always)
  • Have your spices open on the counter ready to go, preferably near the stove… yeah, I know heat and all… if you’re not buying too much, you’re likely going to be fine. Use the same spices, and avoid keeping your spices perched at the rear of the stove will do far more to help you that worrying about keeping them nearby when cooking. Okay, ready? Let’s get to the recipe!

Essential Kitchen Equipment Used

Reis Take With You Smoky Shrimp Sandwich
Reis Smoky Shrimp Open Faced Sandwich

How to Make This Low-Fat “Quiche”

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Bring a pot of water to a medium boil. When ready, set a time for one minute. Toss in two handfuls of hand-torn spinach. When the timer goes off, remove the spinach from the water and set aside. If you’re intending to use the water to boil something else, simply remove the spinch with some sort of fishing utensil. 

Step 2

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Step 3

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